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The What, Why & How Behind What We do

Founded in 2001 initially as a private enterprise providing warehousing & logistics, PCL became part of the BFS Group in 2014 - with a passion for quality, PCL Transport 24/7 Ltd specialises in providing both chilled and ambient warehousing for a diverse range of products, that include dairy and salad items in a tightly temperature controlled environment. with an outstanding workforce and values that take us from strength to strength, delivering innovative solutions to a growing list of customers from 3 key locations in the UK (Bristol, Hatfield & Manchester).


Pallet Management 90%
Date Stamping 80%
24-7 Operation 100%
Picking & Packing 95%


Grant Cox

Managing Director

Paul Winter

Business Unit Director

John McNamara

National General Manager of Operations

Stuart Frith

Business Development Manager

Paula Stenning

Head of HR

Suzanne Lynch

QSHE Manager

What We Do

With combined experience in the warehousing & logistics arena totalling over 150 years...

Receipt of Goods 24/7

Our clients deliver ambient & chilled goods to our depots all round the clock.

Unload & stock

Goods-in are sorted & stocked, repackaging/labelling where necessary.

Controlled Temperatures

Goods are stored in one of 15,000 ambient or chilled spaces.

Picked & Packed

Goods are picked and swiftly dispatched to their retail locations.