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The Story So Far...

The What, Why & How Behind What We do

Founded in 2001 initially as a private enterprise providing warehousing & logistics, PCL became part of the BFS Group in 2014 - with a passion for quality, PCL Transport 24/7 Ltd specialises in providing both chilled and ambient warehousing for a diverse range of products, that include dairy and salad items in a tightly temperature controlled environment. with an outstanding workforce and values that take us from strength to strength, delivering innovative solutions to a growing list of customers from 3 key locations in the UK (Bristol, Hatfield & Manchester).


Pallet Management 90%
Date Stamping 80%
24-7 Operation 100%
Picking & Packing 95%


Grant Cox

Managing Director

Paul Winter

Business Unit Director

John McNamara

National General Manager of Operations

Paula Stenning

Head of HR

What We Do

With combined experience in the warehousing & logistics arena totalling over 150 years...

Receipt of Goods 24/7

Our clients deliver ambient & chilled goods to our depots all round the clock.

Unload & stock

Goods-in are sorted & stocked, repackaging/labelling where necessary.

Controlled Temperatures

Goods are stored in one of 15,000 ambient or chilled spaces.

Picked & Packed

Goods are picked and swiftly dispatched to their retail locations.